PHX Water: Our Accreditations and What They Mean

Our technicians at PHX Water are incredibly proud of the number of professional accreditations we currently hold. These demonstrate to our customers that we know exactly what we are talking about and that their water supplies are in safe hands. Holding an accreditation means that we have demonstrated our knowledge in these fields and undergo […]

How Does Climate Affect My Private Water Supply?

dried out river bed

Private homes and businesses throughout Scotland may be wondering what the impact of this hot weather may be on their private water supply, and what measures they can take to ensure their supply is not affected. Scotland’s climate is usually relatively mild, with high temperatures averaging the late teens and early twenties. However, this year […]

Understanding Water Pressure When Using A Private Supply

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to wash your hair in a trickle of water. Low water pressure is inconvenient, whether you’re at home trying to wash dishes or running a business that relies on consistent water flow. If you’re struggling with water pressure issues you’re not alone. Depending on where you are in the […]

Guidance On Drinking Water Quality In Scotland

What does it mean if the drinking water from your private supply looks, smells or tastes bad? These guidelines for drinking water quality will help you determine whether there’s an issue with your private water supply and how to get wholesome, great-tasting water. Drinking water quality – an overview In Scotland, our drinking water comes […]

Landlord’s Guide To Private Water Supply Regulations

“Know your rights and responsibilities as a landlord regarding private water supplies“ Have you read The Scottish Government’s new private water regulations for landlords? If not, you could be out of pocket—and breaking the law. Proper private water supply maintenance is part and parcel of running an effective rural business. The not-so-new guidelines came into […]