The Risk of Legionella in High-Risk Premises

Hotel and Resort owners need to be aware of the risk of legionella in their water supply and how its presence can affect their guests. Businesses in the hospitality and leisure industry are at a greater risk of being impacted by legionella and legionnaires’ disease due to these supplies being consumed and enjoyed. Business premises […]

How to Test your Private Water Supply’s pH Balance for Safe Consumption

Water quality in Scotland ranks among the highest in the world. 99.91% of samples passed The Drinking Water Quality Regulator for Scotland’s stringent tests and Scottish Water regularly tests drinking water across Scotland. pH balance is an integral part of our wholesome, healthy tap water. However, if you stay in a region of Scotland that […]

Landlord’s Responsibilities For Managing Legionella

Landlords are legally obligated to conduct Legionella risk assessments on their rental properties, but that doesn’t mean they have to pay for it. Many landlords are being led astray by letting agents who have misinterpreted the government guidelines.

Landlords and Legionella – What you need to know

If you own property with tenants in situ, you have a duty-of-care to make their safety a number one priority. If you are renting out an entire house/flat, or if you are renting out a short-term room via a service like Airbnb, or you are still responsible for the tenant’s health and safety. When […]

Legionella Bacteria

Many people are familiar with Legionnaires disease horror stories. We’ll be honest with you – we know that when something is labelled as a “horror story” many people switch off and assume that the story itself is exaggerated. Some people don’t even read beyond the headline. Here’s the thing; Legionella bacteria can develop and grow […]