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PHX Water are not only expert providers in water treatment solutions, we also host a range of products for your private water supply including the Aqua Cure product range.

From UV lamp’s to water filtration systems, our Perth location is fully equipped with a huge range of water treatment products suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

Our Water Treatment Products

Located in the Inveralmond Industrial Estate in Perth, PHX Water host a wide variety of water treatment products that will help keep your private water supply running in tip-top shape and providing you with clean, safe drinking water that is free from any harmful bacteria and tastes great.

Not only are we Perth’s number one provider of Aqua Cure products and replacement pieces, we also stock water systems from a large number of leading brands including Fleck, Pentek, DAB Pumps and much more. We can also provide complete UV systems with Daro UV Systems, a leading industry provider in UV water filtration.

We always have a team of experts on hand to answer any questions you may have or provide you with advice and recommendations as to which products will best suit your needs. We are fully equipped to install your chosen products and offer our own range of water treatment solutions, so if you’d rather leave it to the experts, we can take care of everything for you.

If we don’t currently stock an item you require, our team of experts are happy to try and source the item for you or recommend a similarly suitable product if there is one available. We pride ourselves on our complete client satisfaction process and are happy to help in any way.

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Aqua Cure are a leading water purity expert, and provide a wide range of water treatment solutions for theirs and our clients. We believe in the Aqua Cure range to provide our customers with high quality water treatment systems and components that excel the industry standards and ensure safe, clean drinking water to both domestic and commercial customers alike.

Whether your water supply is a public water supply or a private water supply, Aqua Cure provide filtration, pressure control, tubing and trunking, leak protection and essential cleaning products that are backed by numerous decades worth of industry experience and know-how.

Aqua Cure are Europe’s leading manufacturer of in-line filters and are a master distributor of many other premium quality water filter suppliers. The Aqua Cure product range offers superior quality at an unrivalled price, ensuring every customer acquires top quality within their budget.

The Aqua Cure Range

Does my water supply need a water filtration system?

If you currently have a mains water supply, you water will already be filtered by your water supplier with chlorine before it reaches your home. However, those with a private water supply need to ensure any consumable water is adequately filtered to reduce any risk of illness or disease that may be transported in your water supply.

At PHX Water, we recommend UV Filtration systems to ensure the best disinfection for your water with the lowest impact on the environment.

What are Ultraviolet water filters?

UV is one of the best and most effective disinfectants in the water hygiene industry.

UV water treatment reduces the number of harmful chemicals used in drinking water and provides an excellent and cost-effective solution for killing waterborne viruses.

Furthermore, UV filters don’t contaminate the water in terms of taste, colour or odour making them ideal water filters. A UV water filter is often called a UV steriliser. A stainless-steel chamber houses the UV lamps and controls.


UV water purifiers versus water filters

What’s the difference between UV water purifiers and water filters?

UV Water filters

A water filtration system will remove contaminants, sediment, silt, and harmful minerals from the water. A sediment filter results in cleaner, tastier water that is free from unpleasant colour and smells.

Carbon media within the water filter attracts contaminants before they reach your tap.

Whole house water filters can reduce contaminants like chlorine and lead throughout your property’s water. A whole-house filter system can be adapted to suit your needs.

Shower filters, for example, will help with healthy hair and skin as drying chemicals like chlorine will be removed and you can get the pH balance just right.

UV Water purifiers

UV filters alone cannot remove germs and harmful microorganisms. This is where you need a water purifier to kill nasty germs like Legionella and E.coli.

Purifiers work by reverse osmosis, distillation, or UV treatment.

Reverse osmosis purifies a private supply by using pressure to push water away from contaminants through a semi-permeable membrane.

Distillation is one of the oldest methods of water purification, relying on evaporation.

UV treatment is the most effective treatment, killing 99.9% of bacteria.

Which UV water filtration systems do we recommend?

Daro UV Systems

PHX Water are Daro UV Systems suppliers. Daro provide effective UV Water Filtration systems to their clients, backed by over 40 years experience in the field. Their UV Systems are a fast, chemical-free and cost effective way to disinfect your private water supply to ensure your water is safe to drink while also reducing your environmental impact.

Aqua Cure UV Water Treatment Systems

Aqua Cure also provide UV Water treatment systems and we stock a vast range of their filtration products. Their AC Range of UV sterilisers are made in the UK from stainless steel, which makes them incredibly long lasting and resilient, with a lifespan of over 20 years if properly maintained.

AC UV sterilisers have received WRAS approval and come in a variety of flow rates, which range from 8 to 51 litres per minute.

Installing your new water filtration system

Great news, you’ve chosen your new water treatment system with PHX Water, now how do you install it?

PHX Water are fully equipped to install and maintain your new water filtration system. Whether you’ve chosen an Aqua Cure or Daro UV System, our staff are trained in all of the products we offer to ensure each are expertly fitted for your peace of mind.

When purchasing your system, a member of our team will ask if you require assistance with installing your new water filtration system.

Leave it to the experts and allow us to fit and test your water filter system to ensure your water is safe for consumption from day one.

Water tank maintenance services

We are experts in water tank cleaning and disinfection, so if your water tank could do with an MOT before the addition of a new filtration system, ask us about our water tank maintenance services.

Bio-film build-up, scale and sludge are inevitable in cold water tanks over time. Sediment, wall mould, stagnant water and corroded equipment are other nasty by-products of a neglected water tank. But there could be more than algae growing in your drinking water.

A dirty water storage tank provides the perfect breeding ground for deadly bacteria like Legionella and E.coli.

PHX Water service private water supplies all over Scotland. To book in your private water supply for a check up, get in touch today.

A Legionella Risk Assessment is about more than clean water.

It’s peace of mind that you’re legally compliant and not risking lives.

pHX are leading water treatment experts in Scotland. 90% of first-time clients return to us for remedial works because they trust our expert team to keep their water safe and bacteria free.

We’ll keep you compliant with the Approved Code of Practice (ACoP L8, HSG 274) and rather than leave you with a list of problems, we combine remedial works, legionella testing and ongoing maintenance into one simple monthly repayment.

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Water Tank Cleaning

PHX Water provide water tank cleaning and disinfection services to businesses in Scotland.

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