Water Tank Cleaning & Disinfection



Over time, it's normal for sediment to build up on water tank bottoms and for staining to develop on water tank internals. You may also see biofilm on the sides of the water tank or on top of the water. All of these provide the nutrients required for various bacteria, including Legionella, to thrive within your water system and must be removed to maintain system integrity.

HSG274 part 2 states that cold water tanks should be inspected Annually with remedial works completed as required, based on the inspection. These remedial works may include cleaning your water tanks to remove contamination and maintain high quality water to your customers.

Our specialists are fully equipped to complete cleaning & disinfection works on your water storage tanks whether they be 100 litres or 100,000 litres.

  • Approved chemical products
  • Chemicals that remove biofilms and staining
  • Confined space entry trained staff and procedures
  • Report detailing water tank conditions, defects and cleanliness
  • Digital image survey
  • Certificate of disinfection included




We have suitable safe working procedures including method statements, risk assessments and COSHH data sheets. These will be sent to you prior to work commencing and our engineers will have a copy on the day. We have all relevant safety equipment and training for working in confined spaces, including the use of breathing apparatus if required. We will always have a first aider as part of our team.

Our reports include details on the conditions of the tank and recommendations to improve water quality. Common causes for concern are corrosion on galvanised water tanks as this can provide a habitat for bacteria and can also eventually lead to the corroded area breaching and flooding the property with significant damage caused. We may also highlight poor system design or poor plumbing practice which is causing stagnation or poor throughflow in your system. Bacteria loves stagnant water and it’s essential that this bad practice be highlighted so a remedial action plan can be implemented to reduce the likelihood of bacterial issues within your water system.

We are highly experienced at cleaning and disinfection of drinking water systems and use only high quality products effective at removing all contaminants including biofilm, mould, algae, fungus and Iron staining (orange tinge that you see in cold water tanks and on plumbing fittings). Common practice is to use chlorine which is proven ineffective against biofilm and certain types of bacteria such as Cryptosporidium. Chlorine essentially disinfects the outer layer only and doesn’t remove the problem, only masking it for a short period.

System Disinfection

System disinfection is just as important as cleaning the tanks. Bacteria that develops in the water tank will spread throughout the system and potentially multiply. Areas of the system where this is most likely to happen is a re-circulating hot water system, low flow areas or dead legs within systems. A suitable and sufficient Legionella risk assessment will have highlighted all of these concerns and gave recommendations on how these can be improved?

Why not add some water samples to confirm that the cleaning procedure was effective.




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