Water Tank Cleaning And Disinfection Moray


Water Tank Cleaning and Disinfection Moray

Water tanks are one of the overlooked yet essential pieces of the puzzle when it comes to keeping industrial, commercial, and residential spaces ticking over. Many of our customers report that water tank cleaning services fall to the bottom of their to-do list.

Over time, sediment, biofilm, and eventually harmful bacterias like legionella can build up in water tank systems. Sediment can cause staining on the internal surfaces, and biofilm provides legionella with all the nutrients it needs to grow at an alarming rate.

There is no worse water tank issue than legionella. It is a naturally occurring form of bacteria that comes from water sources such as reservoirs, ponds, and lochs. When legionella infected water is pumped into hot and cold water tanks, our customers have to work hard to maintain a safe level of bacteria in their water.

It is important to remember that a small amount of legionella can pose a serious threat to human life. Legionella has a mortality rate of 10%.

Even if legionella was not a water tank issue, tank owners in Moray still need to abide by industry rules and regulations. Part 2 of the HSG274 legionella control document states that cold water tanks should be inspected annually and remedial works must be carried out when necessary.

With so many moving parts to consider, it pays to speak to professionals. Water tank managers and residential homeowners all over Moray trust us for water tank cleaning services. We are proud to offer comprehensive services that target the things that matter.


pHX Water Cleaning Services Moray

When industrial, commercial, and residential tank owners in Moray contact us they can check another thing off their to-do list. We take away the stress of water tank management in Moray based locations with efficient procedures, friendly faces, and an excellent work ethic.

Over 90% of first-time customers return to us for additional services. They know that we are experts in the field and can preempt future problems while we solve current ones. If you are searching for a team that can take the stress of water management off your hands, look no further than pHX Water.

Here are some examples of the previous projects we have worked on.

  • Commercial water tank cleaning
  • Domestic tank cleaning
  • Residential water tank cleaning
  • Loft tank cleaning
  • Plastic water tank cleaning
  • Cleaning portable water storage tanks
  • Underground water tank cleaning

People all over Moray trust us with their water system. What was once an inconvenience is now a seamless experience that is executed by trained professionals with specialist equipment. We only use industry regulated chemicals and equipment, which means that we always act under strict safety rules.


Water Tank Cleaning Services Safety Measures

Our water tank inspections in Moray are highly structured. This ensures that our experts and customers have a recognised and reliable framework to look at when discussing improvements.

These are some of the measures our customers can expect on each visit:

  • Datasheets
  • A first aider on every visit
  • Detailed reports
  • Confined space trained specialists

We send out COSHH data sheets before the visit and our engineers will arrive on-site with a copy. COSHH stands for Control of Substances Hazardous to Health. It is a law that states that employers must control substances that are hazardous to health and enforce preventative measures if needed. At pHX Water, we use Direct Advice COSHH Sheets to create a structured, easy-to-understand way of displaying vital safety information to our customers.

Our safety measures also extend to confined space entry techniques. All of our engineers are trained in how to safely enter and manoeuvre around hot and cold water tanks. We supply our team with specialist breathing equipment for use during domestic tank cleaning and hot water tank cleaning appointments in Moray.


One Simple Water Tank Cleaning Package

Property owners and site managers are bound by law to maintain their hot and cold water tanks. We know that not everyone can afford a large lump sum for industrial, commercial, and domestic water tank cleaning services. A lot of our customers pay for their other essential services and equipment on a monthly basis. That is why we have developed our One Simple Package structure.

Our customers never have to worry about finding a large lump sum again. One Simple Package slots in alongside your other monthly necessities. It allows them to stay ACOP L8 & HSG 274 compliant without worrying about unexpected costs. Our Moray based customers report that the prospect of not having to find a large chunk of money for unexpected water tank cleaning services is a welcome relief.

Here are some of the services our customers can choose for their package.

  • Water tank cleaning
  • Water tank disinfection
  • Water treatment plant maintenance
  • Pipework cleaning and disinfection
  • Hot and cold water tank cleaning
  • Water tank sampling services

Our One Simple Package structure allows customers to book all the services they need to assess, control, and manage their water system in one monthly payment. Even better, we tailor each package to individual customers. If you need more water tank sampling or disinfection services, we have got you covered.

Customers who opt for One Simple Package will also benefit from digital logbooks. These documents turn field jargon into easy-to-understand bullet points. They also highlight trends and hone in on areas for improvement. We prefer digital logbooks because they save paper and reduce our carbon footprint.

For more information about our One Simple Plan structure, visit our How We Work page.


Water Tank Cleaning Moray

Water tank cleaning is the main service we offer. Industrial, commercial, and residential property owners all over Moray call us for annual water tank cleaning services. Doing so ensures that they stay compliant with the law and produce water that is safe to drink.

Water tanks are constantly in use and are bound to develop stains and sediment. The more your hot or cold water tank is in use, the more buildup there will be. Large water tanks are more in danger of developing hazardous biofilms and sediment.

Legionella can develop in situations where water tanks are left without adequate care. Legionella exists in small, safe amounts in loches, rivers, and streams. It becomes a problem when freshwater is pumped into tanks. Tanks are the perfect environment for legionella to flourish. This is why domestic, residential, and commercial water tank cleaning in Moray needs to be arranged every year.

At pHX Water, we are proud to offer a comprehensive service. We not only clean tanks, we also provide our customers with detailed reports. Our team of experienced engineers know exactly what to look for. They have worked on everything from cleaning portable water storage tanks in Moray and her surrounding areas, to plastic water tank cleaning projects.

Here are some of the things that our customers can expect from our water tank cleaning reports.

  • Detailed descriptions of poor system designs and plumbing practices
  • Highlight causes for concern such as corrosion
  • Suggestions of ways to improve water quality
  • Notes about concerning findings

We only use the highest quality equipment and chemicals for our customers. At the end of the clean customers will receive a cleaning certificate. These certificates prove that property owners comply with water regulation rules.


Water Tank Disinfection Moray

Cleaning a water tank is not the same as disinfecting it. Disinfecting water tanks requires special equipment and chemicals. Above all, water tank disinfection projects need to be performed by experienced teams.

Disinfecting large tanks can pose a threat to safety if the team that undertakes the project is not trained in confined space entry. All our engineers feel comfortable working with large water systems. Whether they are in Moray cleaning hot water sediment away or tackling an underground water tank cleaning project, they feel safe on the job.

Disinfecting tanks can solve low flow areas and dead legs within water systems. We recommend water tank disinfection services for people who supply large amounts of drinking water to customers, residents, or staff.


Water Tank Sampling Moray

Water tank sampling is an important part of maintaining hot and cold water tanks. It is not a necessity, but it is highly recommended. Water tank sampling proves to be a vital part of water maintenance practices.

Legionella can multiply in temperatures between 20°C and 45°C. Property owners can reduce the risk of legionella by keeping cold water tanks below 20°C and hot tanks above 45°C.

Sampling should be carried out in the following circumstances.

  • Following a suspected or real legionella outbreak
  • When the residents of the buildings are considered vulnerable
  • If a legionella risk assessment suggests sampling
  • When contaminants and hazards have been identified
  • In situations where potential hazards and contaminants have been identified


Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Book pHX Tank Cleaning Services?

Domestic, commercial, and industrial property owners in Moray need to book a water tank cleaning appointment once a year. Water tanks can become breeding grounds for hazardous materials if left unchecked. Water tank issues like biofilm, sediment, and bacteria can cause serious problems.

We recommend bi-annual water tank cleaning services for large industrial and commercial property owners in Moray. The larger the number of people that the tank supplies, the more likely that it will develop dangerous biofilms.


What Is Potable Water?

The term potable water refers to drinking water that is safe for human consumption. Potable water can also be used in food preparation. Potable water is becoming more and more scarce in the modern world. Contaminants can cause potable water to become unsafe.

It is important to book an annual water tank cleaning to make sure that your water tank produces water that is safe to drink.


What Is Legionella?

Legionella is a natural form of bacteria that is found in lochs, streams, and rivers. When freshwater is pumped into water tanks, legionella is introduced into drinking water systems. Man-made water systems alter the environment in which legionella naturally exists. When water is kept at temperatures below 20°C and above 45°C it becomes a breeding ground for legionella.


What Is COSHH?

COSHH stands for Control of Substances Hazardous to Health. This organisation puts into place regulations that ensure property owners produce water that is safe for human consumption. It develops water tank cleaning principles that ensure workers and consumers are protected from dangerous practices.

At pHX Water, we uphold COSHH standards. This means that all our workers are trained to the highest standards and are qualified to use any and all chemicals that are approved by the industry.


Why Don’t You Use Chlorine To Clean Water Tanks?

It is a common misconception that chlorine is effective against biofilm cryptosporidium. A lot of water tank cleaning service providers in Moray use chlorine, not realising that chlorine only attacks the outer layer of bacteria. It does not get to the root of the problem. It only masks the water tank issue for a short period, and eventually, the problem returns.

We use high-quality chemicals that are proven to eliminate and reduce dangerous amounts of biofilm, sediment, and legionella.


What Is the Safest Temperature for My Water Tanks?

Water maintenance is a delicate job. More often than not, it is best left to the professionals. Despite this, there are a few ways that commercial, residential, and industrial property owners can avoid water tank issues.

By keeping water tanks at the right temperature, property owners can reduce the likelihood of legionella developing. Legionella spreads at temperatures between 20°C and 45°C. This is why it is important for cold water suppliers to keep their tank below and 20°C and for hot water suppliers to keep their tank over 45°C.


Contact pHX Water

Our customers have an obligation to the people who drink water from their systems, and we have an obligation to our customers. We train all our staff in safety standards and confined space entry practices. They know how to hone in on existing problems and suggest effective solutions.

Whatever your water tank issue, we have the solution for you. Our Moray-based team is always available to talk about your water system on 01738 472149.

If you are in an emergency situation call our out of hours team on 07503 343328.



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