Coronavirus / COVID-19 – Business Support


So your probably wondering how the company that deals with Legionella on a day to day basis can possibly help your business with the increasing risk from Coronavirus… Well, we’re used to wearing chemical suits and face masks and we have all the equipment & experience required to disinfect large areas. Rather than spraying a surface, we fog a surface. Rather than disinfecting a water tank, we can disinfect a room.

The world health organisation does not fully understand how long Coronavirus can survive on surfaces although they believe it ”may persist on surfaces for a few hours or up to several days”. If you’re worried about the sanitary condition of an office, a hotel room, a kitchen or even your home please get in touch.

We can offer 2 solutions during this pandemic.

Solution 1 – Large area fogging – For large areas we suggest using our commercial fogging rig. This uses a chemical dosing skid and compressed air to atomise the disinfectant creating a fog that penetrates all areas that wouldn’t be reached by manually cleaning. An operator wearing suitable PPE will direct the fog to all desired areas to ensure disinfection. A minimum contact time of 1 hour is required to achieve disinfection. After this hour the area should be ventilated for 1 hour then it is safe to use… and clean! Please contact us to discuss costings and availability.

Solution 2 – The Corona Bomb – For small areas or single rooms (maximum 125m3 per bomb – approx. 8m Length, 5m Width, 3m Height). This is a small cylinder which is placed in the centre of the room. It is activated, the doors are closed and the room is left for 1 hour. After 1 hour, open the doors and windows and ventilate for another hour. The room is safe to use… and clean! Call out cost of this service is a flat rate £95 for all businesses within 30 minutes of Dundee then £15 per corona bomb. Please contact us for rates if you’re further afield. All prices are subject to VAT.

Fingers crossed you won’t need us, but if you do, we’re here to help!

If you wish to discuss directly or require assistance out of hours please call Connor on 07503343328 or email



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