One Simple Package

We live in a world where often our day to day services or equipment such as mobile phones, cars, insurances and houses are paid up monthly. Cash flow is important to businesses and having to pay a lump sum upfront or dealing with unexpected costs can be a real struggle. With this in mind, we developed "one simple package". We combine all of the services you require to assess, control and manage your water system into one simple monthly repayment.

​This ensures that your business remains compliant with ACOP L8 & HSG 274 with minimal responsibilities from your own staff and at an affordable rate. The package can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. For example, if you would like to include cleaning & disinfection, extra samples or maintenance of your water treatment plant, we can include this in the monthly cost.

​We also offer digital log books to package customers which make it easier to read data, highlight trends and pinpoint failing areas of the system whilst reducing our carbon footprint and helping save our environment.

The water industry revolves around a transparent product although sometimes customers can be left feeling they are being kept in the dark. We're out to change that!

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  Micro Small Medium Large XL  
Rentals (One Off)
Premises (<6 rooms)

Hotel (<20 rooms)

Hotel (1 Building)
Site Buildings (>1 Location)
Pricing (prices plus vat) £80 (One Off) £150 p/qtr £100 p/m £120 p/m £POA  
Initial LRA Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Written Control Scheme Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Basic Schematic   Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Quaterly Showerhead C&Ds   Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Water Samples   Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Cold Water Tank Inspections   Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Monthly check     Yes Yes Yes  
Hot Heater Drain Flush     Yes Yes Yes  


Prices are based on a 2 year contract and are only to be used as a guide. Please contact us and we can provide an accurate quotation.


Ad hoc Services

Don't worry if you don't want a package, all of our services can be provided individually to suit your needs. Why not browse through our services section then contact us via phone or email to discuss further.



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