Private Water Supplies – FAQs

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Due to the number of rural homes and small villages within Scotland, there are many homes that use Private Water Supplies as their main source for drinking water and utilities. For the safety of you, your family and the homes surrounding you, it is important to understand how your private water supply works and what […]

Lead Pipe Health Risks & How To Replace Lead Plumbing

Scotland’s drinking water is ranked one of the best in the world. Our fresh, clear drinking water is the upside to living in a country with heavy rainfall. According to Scottish Water, water quality in Scotland is at an all-time high with 99.91% of tests taken at the kitchen tap complying with strict regulatory standards. […]

Landlord’s Guide To Private Water Supply Regulations

“Know your rights and responsibilities as a landlord regarding private water supplies“ Have you read The Scottish Government’s new private water regulations for landlords? If not, you could be out of pocket—and breaking the law. Proper private water supply maintenance is part and parcel of running an effective rural business. The not-so-new guidelines came into […]

Landlord’s Responsibilities For Managing Legionella

Landlords are legally obligated to conduct Legionella risk assessments on their rental properties, but that doesn’t mean they have to pay for it. Many landlords are being led astray by letting agents who have misinterpreted the government guidelines.

Landlords and Legionella – What you need to know

If you own property with tenants in situ, you have a duty-of-care to make their safety a number one priority. If you are renting out an entire house/flat, or if you are renting out a short-term room via a service like Airbnb, or you are still responsible for the tenant’s health and safety. When […]