Article about Hot Tubs & Water Safety

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Hot Tubs & Water Safety

It seems like now we are getting the best of British weather and "taps aff" temperatures are becoming more regular. Great, isn't it? We get to shed some layers, leave the smart causal scarf at home, wear that lighter jacket we usually only wear on holiday. Some of us are even blessed to have hot tubs at home and that our friends is the very topic we want to look at today; hot tubs and water safety.


Hot tubs have become more and more popular in recent years. Despite our improving but still typically unpredictable weather, people own or have long term leases on a hot tub for their garden.


Hot tubs aren't our business, but the water that you fill them up with is the thing that excites us here at pHX Water. So, we keep our eyes peeled and our ears to the ground, and we notice a gradual increase of hot tub sales. Why are hot tubs so popular though and why are people going the extra mile to get them installed? The increased demand is due to various factors such as:



Garden Use

Garden use has changed over the year also, and it's not what it used to be. Over the past 10 years, thousands of people have chosen to use their gardens as an entertainment and social space.


In the past, gardens were primarily used to satisfy the green-fingered hobbyist planting flowers and to improve the attractiveness of their homes and create an ambience to enjoy and relax in. These days, people are optimising their gardens as an extra or luxury bolt-on of their living rooms, spending time with family and friends away from the local pubs and away from the front of a TV.


House parties, BBQ's and other social gatherings are now the in thing to do in a hot tub and not the living room and the usual congregation in the kitchen. This is one of the biggest reasons why many people are choosing to have hot tubs installed; it is indeed the most delightful way to at your home and in your garden.


Suitable All Year Round

As we mentioned, our weather is becoming warmer on a more regular basis, and hot tubs are fast becoming the go-to addition for your garden as they can be enjoyed all year round. They can be used in the colder winter months and even when it's raining. Yes, even the British rain. You can tune out to sound and rhythm of the raindrops above you using the likes of gazebos, parasols and enclosures while you relax in a heated hot tub.


Believe it or not, we researched over 20 outlets and suppliers across the UK, and hot tub sales have been spiking in and around the winter months, who would have guessed that? We would wager that this because the heated water on your body and fresh air on your face is a sensation that is second to none and reminds us of our favourite holiday or helps us imagine that holiday that you haven't gotten around to taking yet. It presents people the chance to enjoy their garden in all-year round.


Noise Pollution

These days hot tubs are a lot quieter and produce almost zero noise pollution. People who live in highly populated areas avoided buying hot tubs in fear that their neighbours would complain or even brand them as anti-social due to the noise they used to make. As the majority of hot tubs now being silent (or practically silent), the fear of noise is now gone, there you can now relax peacefully without bothering your neighbours. Why not invite them over to show it off?


Technology has advanced so much that hot tubs are now easier than ever to keep clean and maintain. Chemical sensors can assist an owner and indicate when is the correct amount of chemicals to use and keep it clean and hygienic.





This is where we excel! We offer a range of water treatments, cleaning and disinfection, and routine maintenance. We only use approved chemical products, chemicals that remove biofilms and staining, and we provide a certificate of disinfection to give you and your hot tub guests reassurance. We can test for levels chlorine, peroxide, the temperature, pH levels, total dissolved solids (TDS) and total suspended solids (TSS).


Why pHX Water? We were founded on a commitment to provide exceptional quality of service at cost-effective prices. Your water safety is our primary focus at all times.

Our staff are experienced in commercial, industrial and residential water systems and have various industry-specific qualifications including:


  • Water Management Society or City & Guilds accredited Legionella risk assessors.
  • IOSH or City & Guilds confined space entry qualifications.
  • EUSR National Water Hygiene trained mains water operatives.
  • Scottish Water Distribution, Operation & Maintenance Strategy (DOMS) trained & certified, including module 13 (mains water sampling).


We aren't looking to get as much as we can from every customer. We want to build lasting relationships, providing an effective service for years to come. We operate a consistent, fair and transparent pricing policy. We won't recommend unnecessary or inappropriate actions.


Hot tub ownership continues to rise throughout the UK. With the desire to spend more time in the garden and the ease of hot tub maintenance, the supply and demand of hot tubs will continue to increase. Let us keep help you keep your friends and family safe.



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