Keeping Scotlands Water Safe


PHX is a trusted provider of Legionella risk assessments. Our turnkey solution means we catch the risk and fix it by delivering tank cleaning & disinfection services and private water supply across Scotland.

It’s easy to take access to clean water for granted. In Scotland we’re blessed with delicious, high-quality water.

But bacteria-free water isn’t a given, not even in 2022.

Did you know that Legionella bacteria can colonise man-made environments fast? Swimming pools, hot tubs, spa facilities and hot water systems in large buildings and hotels are perfect breeding grounds for Legionnaires’ disease because the bacteria multiply in warm, stagnant water.

And due to lack of use, build ups of sludge, scale and stagnant water increased in water systems during Covid-19 when many businesses closed.

Without a proper Legionella risk assessment or water management plan, you could be putting yourself and others at risk of contracting potentially fatal Legionnaires’ disease.

Protecting your business against Legionella

You want your business in the headlines for the right reasons. Our expert risk assessors conduct Legionella assessments across Perth, Fife, Edinburgh and the rest of Scotland for a variety of landlords, commercial businesses and industrial sites. After testing your water supply, we’ll give you a Legionella control scheme and a simple template to document subsequent controls in accordance with Health & Safety Executive guidance notes. But rather than leave you with a list of problems, pHX offers full plumbing and water treatment solutions.

Our fully accredited team of trained professionals use industrial regulated chemicals and specialist equipment to ensure your water is Legionella-free and meets legal standards. 90% of our customers trust our expertise and return for additional services. With a simple, pay-monthly package and straightforward reporting, pHX takes the stress out of water management.

Book a legionella assessment with pHX today – because untested water isn’t worth the risk.

Legionella Risk Assessment

PHX Water are one of Scotland’s leading Legionella Risk Assessment providers. 

Private Water Supply

Ensure you private water supply is safe for consumption and meets current regulations.

Water Tank Cleaning

PHX Water provide water tank cleaning and disinfection services to businesses in Scotland.

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